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Golf at Goolsby's

Spring League Overview

  • League will be 8 total weeks (7-week regular season + 1 championship week). League begins Monday January 30th. Championship is on Monday March 27th
  • Membership fee required before February 6th to reserve spot ($200 per team)
  • League night will take place Monday's throughout the 8 weeks
  • Teams will have Monday through Friday at 4:00PM to complete their round in the event they cannot compete on League Night
  • Course of the week will be announced at the end of each week via email
  • Tee's will be announced each week via email
  • Junior & Youth golfers will play from the women’s tees

Rules & Regulations

  • Two-person Scramble
  • 9 holes completed per week in the allotted time
  • One mulligan per person per round
  • Round must be completed in the weekly timeslot
  • Rounds cannot be completed on Saturday or Sunday without permission of the commissioner
  • Warmup time will be granted before the round
  • Score verified upon completion of round. *Any attempt to cheat will result in automatic disqualification of the team for that week
  • Free agents are allowed in the event of a team member not being able to compete that week. *Excludes championship week
  • Teams with one group going will have 60 minutes to complete their round, Teams with two groups will have 90 minutes to complete their round
  • Teams will call to reserve their time slot for the week

Championship week

  • To qualify for championship week, a team is only allowed to miss one week out of the 7-week regular season
  • The top 50% of the total number of qualifying teams will advance to the championship
    • In the event of six or less teams advancing to the championship, the top teams remaining on the leaderboard will be offered a chance to play to have at minimum six teams competing
  • Prizes will be allotted to the top two placing teams in the championship

in-season incentives

  • Members will have weekly incentive-based competitions that vary per week
    • Examples may include longest drive, longest putt, closest to the pin, etc.
    • The winner of the weekly contest will receive a prize
  • Each team will receive a $10 beer card at the start of their round

grand prize

1st Place receives:

    • $400 Cash
    • Goolsby's Lavender Jacket
    • Engraved name on the Goolsby Cup
    • Framed picture in Goolsby's
    • One 2-hour private party at Goolsby's. *On an approved date. Food and drinks not included. 
  • 2nd Place will receive a $200 Gift Card to Goolsby's

Championship Countdown...